Tomorrow's Tech, Today's Pricing,
Yesterday's Service


No Software for you to learn. No endless stream of glitches or challenges with which to contend. We handle your association's election from soup to nuts. Send us the information and get back to work. As simple as that.

Voter Engagement

Our proven ability to send out the opening email and unlimited reminders, combined with our engaging, attractive, and easy to use election interface will get you the highest percentage of voters possible, and we typically see increased growth year over year as more members give the system a try.

Affordable Pricing

We know that the best system on the internet means nothing if it's not priced in a way that makes it available to our customer base. So we've set our pricing at a level that's both sustainable for us, and affordable for any size association, large or small.

Unlimited Reminders

After a day or two, if your members haven't voted, they will forget and the email will be lost in the long list of email received. We don't want you to lose votes, so we include unlimited reminders. Let you're associations contact schedule determine the date and frequency of reminders, not us, or additional costs.

Branded Ballots

All professional associations are not the same. We know that and so do you. We take the time to review your website, and theme your ballot to your associations personality. Sure it takes some time, but when you come back next year (and you will), your theme and branding are ready and waiting. It's worth the investment to make it perfect for you. If you change your website, no problem. We'll update your setup to match.

Robust Security

From your member list to the voting site itself security is always front and center. We watch the news just like everyone else does. The last thing we need, or want, is to be successfully hacked. To that end, all of our software is written inhouse, and we own all of our own servers which are located in dedicated server centers around the country. Do we need to even mention these days that we use SSL? Of course all data is transmitted and received over SSL, the highest grade available. Your member list? Converted to ID numbers and the original stored in a vault, offline.

Single Click Access

No passwords to get wrong. No IDs to mess up. Music to the ears of anyone that's tried to do an online election. Typos are one of the biggest barriers to voter engagement. For the last 15+ years, our clients have enjoyed single click unique links for every voter. Of course every election includes a manual login page so you can publish the link in your news letter if you want. But it's rare that anyone ever uses it.

3rd party provider

When associations run their own elections they forgo anonymity. The management knows exactly who each member voted for. This hurts the association in two ways. First, management is aware of the tally throughout the voting window. Should results be questioned, it will be difficult for management to prove they didn't influence the results. Second, nobody wants their colleagues to know who they voted for. Using an arms length third party provider eliminates any potential questions about the implementation of the vote.

Vote from any device

In our hectic world we've created a system that will give you members greater flexibility to vote from just about any device. Whether it's their phone, pad, laptop or desktop, we have made the voting process as clear, simple, and secure as it can possibly be.

Phone Support 24/7

We put a human face on our technology. We appreciate the need to have support available to answer questions - 24/7/365 we have staff available to respond to technical support calls. How can we provide this at such an aggressive price? We do the setup, and voting is so simple that we just don't get many calls at all.

Real-time reporting

While we are available to answer any specific reporting questions, You will aways be able to see the number of members that have voted on a daily basis using our real time reporting tools. When you see activity decreasing, it's time to send out a reminder!


Your member list is confidential. It's your list, not ours, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We will never sell, or make available in any way any client membership list. Your list is used for one purpose and one purpose only - To create the voter list for your election, and to maintain the history of your voting history should the election results ever come into question.

Unlimited Candidates

Our ballots can accomodate unlimited candidates within an unlimited number of categories. Each category can be single choice, multiple choice, or even ranking. Write-in options are always available for every category if you want them.

Randomized Order

You have an option to randomize the order of your candidates within each category to protect against positional bias. We consider this to be a very important feature when there are numerous candidates running for a specific position.

24/7 Voting

The internet never sleeps, and neither does our system. It will be available to your members 24/7/365. In the last 5 years we have enjoyed 99.995% uptime.

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